Messages of Hate Black-Clouding Military Support

Military Gold Star Mom using grief to comfortably spew venom in and around military

To my surprise, the hate and extremism on twitter is coming from a vile, anti-government, extremist Gold Star mom (@KnottieNature), using grief for fake sympathy while spewing hate & venom about: poor, those on welfare (which includes our military), liberals, Democrats, gays, muslims, non-whites and anything she doesn’t feel fits into her world, yet all of which exist within our military.

as of 30 Apr 2010, peep the grossest tyranny/Tim McVeigh style offenders:
@exposeliberals PROUD Ku Klux Klan member, @barb_nc (ran like a coward after vile threats, changed twitter name, then recreated blank profile because of this article) and @femmepatriot (another vile, coward whose page has been deleted) – people whose family we should have blocked from entering our country 1 generation ago. all the hatriot tags used for their tweets, Tim McVeigh, would be smiling with joy at AND would be a part of PROUDLY.

31 May 2010: @exposeliberals didn’t even take a hate break on Memorial Day while having the audacity to send a message regarding our military.

and how in God’s name can we liberate Iraq or Afghanistan? and for what? so their citizens can “resist tyranny” and bitch and moan and plot attacks against their own government daily just like our homegrown hatriots? their party lost an election, the country isn’t lost and they can’t ALWAYS have what they want, otherwise, they’re no different from Osama Bin Laden and what we’re fighting against.

Yesterday (31 Aug 09) was #MilitaryMon – a day for honoring troops and sending praises. In between praises and military death notices, @johnswright49 was recommended as a great follow and patriot REPEATEDLY.I was not following him and I remembered why after I clicked his profile and saw this message among almost non-existent military messages using the WRONG military support hashtag.

@johnswright49: Liberals are the boil on the ass of America.

RT’d that because it sickened me given soldiers fighting don’t have time to say to another soldier saving or dying for, I can’t help you because “you’re a boil on the ass of America”, regardless of their views.The list of anti-hate soldiers who have fought and died for this country is almost endless. And the number of blacks, whites, asians and latinos who died protesting civil rights for decades, or since end of Civil War until 1964, is as high if not higher than the number of soldiers who died in a single war. We even have peace loving muslims defending this country in ALL branches of our military.Clearly @johnswright49 was in the segregated armed forces or he is actually a 15-year-old kid pecking away on his phone with a helmet on his head! Whatever he is, a library card may save his ignorant life.

Then to further confirm his ignorance, @johnswright49 explained his comment directly to me:

@JohnSWright49: @ilovemytroops I hate liberal policies not liberals butthead. But ur just some troll looking for a fight. Have a good one!

Aaah liberal policies. As a republican at heart who is now independent because of stupid f*cks like @johnswright49 who have infected the GOP, see conservatives ACTUAL liberal policies in action here!

The other irony is today’s conservatives who have infected the GOP, and now twitter, don’t even know history of the republican party, even though it’s right on the GOP’s official website! And I’m still trying to figure out what a “conservative” is, preserve without injury or what?! Asking what “conservative christian” means leads to “you must be a liberal” comments. Just trying to understand their platform because my understanding of both “conserve” and “christian” differ from the behavior and words of many using the labels proudly.

And what the hell do either have to do with being patriotic and supporting military?! Our military is comprised of a diverse group of people: christians, muslims, catholics, jews, atheists, straight, gay, bi, single or married with or without kids in tow, and more than you’d wanna know or NEED to know. Just know that person is defending this country against enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

Okay…so later when being “back-patted” by one of his roaming, wild dog pack, what @johnswright49 CLAIMS he actually heard from me which is right out of the Sarah Palin drama queen playbook:


@wingnut71 It all started b/c I said “libs R a boil on America’s ass”. Then I was accused of spreading h8 & somehow slavery got involved.

True about @johnswright49 spreading hate, if he can’t see that, only God can help him at this point because he’s a lost cause, and I’m loving it because he’s in a literal hell and miserable. Good! Everyone else will keep moving around him, while he sits and attracts shit. Hey, his choice, what he wants, free country, and he’s doing us a favor by keeping shit in his world. But my reference to slavery was too educated for him. My bad. Bring it down to 1st-grade level. You know how we uppity people can get using analyses and all! “Com-phooses” people like @JohnSWright49 – “too many big words, u tryna run a mind-game on me?! I don’t like it, must be socialism or you’re a liberal”

Again, too many anti-hate soldiers have fought and died for this country, including soldiers who don’t/didn’t judge or spend their days spreading divisive hate like @johnswright49, @drscoundrels and *almost* (<–NOTICE THE WORD ALMOST BECAUSE DRAMA QUEENS/KINGS DON’T READ) the entire #tcot, now mob party, while sprinkling in a few “military” support and praises. There are more praises for Glenn Beck (I was directly called a troll by @wordmarvin for simply stating I am not the target audience for Beck), Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh (Mr. Oxycontin), Sarah Palin (who, again, wouldn’t know a fact if it slept with her daughter), and even the one-sided history buff, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Their messages are consistently aligned with David Duke’s beliefs and ACTUAL quotes and anti-Obama images, but oh nooo, we are not racists, we’re a kinder, gentler version of hate. Clueless and fact-dodging is more appropriate. And Duke selectively educates himself, just as the persons listed above.Their anger is misplaced and guided by ignorant leaders of their pack who choose daily to selectively remember history. And you can’t support anything, including military with “clenched” fists or a heart full of rage (which isn’t a “christian” character)!

The funniest thing, also right out of the Palin drama queen playbook: start hurling out insults (another sign of unintelligence) at someone who points out an error in their words presented so casually as facts or “I’m okay, you’re not” speech, as opposed to listening, understanding and then presenting facts.

Too much “humanity” work for people like @johnswright49!

Funniest comment intended as an insult was “go get a job” when asked what has Palin done for me (as in why should I support that drama queen for the exclusives). That alone tells me @JohnSWright49 nor any of their wild dog pack do NOT take the time to gather facts, in this particular case, accessible right in my profile. Again, too much work to gather facts! Easy to sit and spew hate/insults, including against military members, and attract other shit to validate one’s rage.

It is always best to know who you’re talking to and what they know, or what a fact is before you confirm you’re just another “angry no knowledge hack” complaining about a black man, democrat, liberal or “socialist” in office!

Bottom line is this, in between a FEW messages of support for troops, are non-stop messages of hate about President Obama, and obviously not because of spending because under their Fuhrer Cheney-that-Dick’s watch it was ok to spend FREELY for services including for illegal aliens, shop Walmart (made in China) and more than okay to not bother checking up on banking/investment industry, i.e., let money go out but not have a process to check that money is coming back in. Um, clue for the mother of all whiners: Boehner. Huh-lowww.

Perfect example of using military for their nonsense: after the David Letterman joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, which led to nonstop Obama hate messages and even Obama-hate tees (huh?) at the Letterman protest for censorship (like Hitler), Palin’s “peace giving” comments to end the drama SHE created: say a message in support of our troops/military, and all is supposedly well and patriotic again.

Hmmm, what is Palin doing about PTSD, or troop stress, family housing issues, family stress which is also taking its toll on kids? Or is Palin only confined to her self-created dramas, which seems to be the case with her followers as well?Or better yet, if either Palin, Beck, Coulter, Rush, Hannity or Hasselbeck are so “great and awesome”, explain what either was doing from 1999 to 2008 in regards to economy and jobs which now affect our veterans returning form war! Fix that (which would contradict their bullshit) and how one of the problems and their most admired is linked all the way to the top of Capitol Hill since 2000. All of them would last 1-minute and would come out with a kick-back from a special interest group as “hush” or “bad-mouth somebody for us” money while not giving a damn about the working or military class. Because the majority of military dying daily is poor including many on food stamps/welfare, the people the hatriot group considers a burden on their “self-created” society and the people they insult daily.

Check out this convo.

Note this woman homeschools her kids. Friggin scary! But note the guidance tone: I need to support/promote hatred of someone I don’t know based upon myths and rumors. I’m also friggin’ living thru FACTS which contradict her beliefs (who tanked economy, why financially we’re in a mess, which her clueless ass doesn’t get), and what I’m living through doesn’t allow me to time to jump on bandwagons. (She wouldn’t have heard that anyway because too busy promoting hate and nonsense, or trying to “enlighten me” as if I’m the dummy.)

But paranoid schizophrenia is treatable. I would strongly suggest that since she feels ALL are out to get her, ALL military hates Obama (oh really???) and all people are the same, to get some help. And get her kids into a library QUICK!

SEE COMMENTS TO: @ilovemytroops

@geekgirl611 – a HOMESCHOOLER

it doesn’t get any more comical than this, a washed up has-been-even-then actor has become their celeb poster boy for Glenn Beck. I’m not sure which one should be teabagged – Beck teabag Baio or vice versa.
Click image to view

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* – in between credible military tweets are

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* #ocra,

* #iamthemob,

* #ampat and other Al Qaeda-like tagged tweets.

Or just follow this rage-a-holic ready to overthrow government for a one-world order:
* @Barb_NC for the ultimate example of exploiting our military.

Do you think Al Qaeda will suddenly embrace THAT nonsense and stop fighting? NO. Because they’re both the same forms of extremism which never stop until physically destroyed WWII-Hitler-style. We’re essentially fighting Al Qaeda with mini-Al Qaeda in tow.

* @johnswright49

* #tcot, now proud mob

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