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Welcome To President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

US Army General Robert Edmonson II discovers family he never knew he had. ABC News Martha Raddatz coverage #AmericaStrong

Congratulations to US Army Major General Robert Edmonson II and family

This is absolutely amazing and wonderful. May the family being making wonderful and cherished memories together, to make up for ...

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NYC Veterans Day Parade, 100th Anniversary

2019 Annual NYC Veteran's Day Parade down Fifth Avenue, from start of march until a 2-hours into parade. There were ...

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2019 #TCSNYC Marathon - Mile 4

November 3, 2019Taken from Mile 4, Bay Ridge Brooklyn, which also featured an amazing band, Plain Jane. Pictures are in ...

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Veteran Suicides Have Increased, Per New VA Study

Veteran Suicides Increased From 2016 To 2017, New VA Study Finds - HuffPost https://www.huffpost.com/entry/veteran-suicides-increased-from-2016-to-2017-new-va-study-says_n_5d851528e4b070d468cc5ddb U.S. veteran suicides increased from 2016 ...

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USS Hue City, #FleetWeekNYC

USS Hue City is quite historic and significant, as it was named after one of the longest and deadliest battles ...

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Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Memorial Day Parade 2019

This year's Grand Marshal is not featured in our photos. The Grand Marshal deliberately chose to walk directly with a ...

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2018 Bay Ridge Brooklyn 151st Memorial Day Parade

Featuring this year's Grand Marshal Lieutenant General Robert L. Caslen, Jr., Superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West ...

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Trump evicted military veteran because of his service dog.

This is the Donald John Trump NYC knows AND rejected 10-to-1 at the polls

This is the Donald John Trump NYC knows and why we rejected him and WHY he's under so many investigations: ...

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One of the most prominent veterans groups, VoteVets.org blocked by *rump

If it walks like a dictator, talks like a dictator AND acts like a dictator, it IS a dictator. Pussy ...

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600 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq Operations 4 Apr 2004

837+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 21 Jun 2004

1,110+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 02 Sep 2004

1,300+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations Jan 2005

1,758+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 15 Jul 2005

2,000+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 25 Oct 2005

3,100+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 23 Sept 2006

3,500+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 04 Jun 2007

I have stopped counting, too painful, but I will never forget! 29 Feb 2008