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Poetry, art, songs and other creative military tributes submitted by various supporters.
If you’d like to submit a poem, art, song, please contact us to have your item featured here. Out of respect for each creative work featured on site, submissions sent via comment field will not be displayed.


The Promise by Jack Murphy

A Soldier’s Dream by Roland R. Ruiz

Beholding Beyond Words, song by Jerry Calow

September Eleven, song by Jerry Calow

Sleeping Tiger by Roland R. Ruiz

The Hell We Patrol by Roland R. Ruiz

THE JOURNEY by Crystal Starr Mahardy

Soldier by Crystal Starr Mahardy

• Simple White Crosses



We Love Our Country,
Thru Thick and Thin,
We Love Our Country,
Which Makes Us Win…

We Love One Another,
Throughout Each Day,
We Love One Another,
In the American Way…

We Stand Together,
In Our Time Of Need,
We Stand Together,
When Our Hearts Grieve…

We’re True Americans,
That’s What We Are,
We’re True Americans,
Whose Hearts Go Far…

Our Soldiers Stand Tall,
For What They Believe,
Our Soldiers Stand Tall,
So Everyone Can Be Free…

By Chris and Dutchess Taylor, 2004


Dutch Chris Taylor Artwork

Artwork from Dutch & Chris Taylor. Click to view.


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