U.S. Air Force Vietnam Veteran Larry Nicosia

Larry Nicosia

Flying home after a night over the “Trail” (in Vietnam). That stunned look was standard every night.

Larry Nicosia flew Air Force C-130s and, among other things, flew secret missions over the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos and Cambodia at night hunting for and destroying enemy convoys. As a group, other military groups and branches were and will always will be connected because of this war and experience.

Every Monday on twitter is #MilitaryMonday, from 12am in Afghanistan/Iraq to 11:59pm PST. On Mondays using #MilitaryMonday hashtag, we salute and recognize amazing military members and coalition forces worldwide. On Monday, May 18, 2013, our #MilitaryMonday shoutout was to @usairforce Vietnam Vet Larry Nicosia www.larrynicosiaphoto.etsy.com

Larry Nicosia
A BIG THANK YOU TO Larry Nicosia!!