Military Gold Star Mom using grief to comfortably spew venom in and around military

See Also: Messages of Hate  and some of the many screen shots of their priceless, UNSOLICITED hatriot gems:

To my surprise, the hate and extremism on twitter is coming from a vile, anti-government, extremist Gold Star mom (@KnottieNature), using grief for sympathy and camaraderie while spewing hate & venom about: poor, those on welfare (which includes a LARGE number within our military), liberals, Democrats, gays, muslims, non-whites and anything she doesn’t feel fits into her world, yet all exist within our military.

Angelia Phillips (@KnottieNature) represents everything that is wrong with this country right now: hatred, misguided beliefs, misinformation treated as facts or the gospel of God, selfishness, greed, racism, and more. Many of her views and words are identical to Tim McVeigh’s, but we’re told to respect her because she lost a son in war. Respect the son who sacrificed, first and foremost.

Apparently, Angelia Phillips, vile, racist and all, is to be placed on a pedestal to be revered by all, however, there are other military parents/families who have lost loved ones or military families in general that are trashed immediately by her and her kind if they’re liberal, Democrat, non-white, poor, etc. See one example captured below.

Her or any other military Gold Star Mom’s loss is honored. But it is impossible to link a vile, deceptive person to someone who should be honored and revered. It is her choice how she wants to carry on her son’s memory, but it’s not the taxpayer’s choice or role to fund extremism in or in association with our military.

Extremist Tim McVeigh’s mother is also a military mom. Although her son didn’t die in war, he is dead. I’m sure Tim McVeigh’s mom grieved, and had to grieve privately because of her son’s actions, but she ironically is not spewing Tim McVeigh-style hatred and vile 24/7 within and around our military like Angelia Phillips does in the name of her fallen son.

Since when does the death of someone make Hitler-style beliefs and rhetoric acceptable, the same rhetoric of Angelia Phillips? She puts on a fake persona while associating with the most vile persons, persons who completely misrepresent our military AND constitution (against rights of others they DON’T accept), and persons she dispenses to do her dirty work for her AFTER she’s made a point and her point was not accepted as valid, reasonable or sane, while she in turn, plays a “saint”, “oh poor me” role. It’s definitely working for her and she has perfected it well.

The persons Angelia holds with utmost admiration are Andrew Breitbart (and she even believes whole-heartedly that Shirley Sherrod is an actual racist, DESPITE INDISPUTABLE FACTS), Ann Coulter (vile), Glenn Beck (vile extremist who defends Nazis and confederates who fought against our soldiers), Sarah Palin (extremist) and other most vile and misguided persons in the public eye.

In step with her is @BostonMaggie, an official U.S. Navy blogger. Her new role to represent the Navy as a milblogger was announced by the official Twitter account of the U.S. Navy. I was horrified by this announcement after seeing her “I Am The Mob”, pro-Glenn Beck profile, and retweets of @GregWHoward and far-right extremists. I unfollowed her as fast as I could. My first thought was: and this person represents the diverse Navy? I would later learn I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, including several new Navy recruits.

Along with @BostonMaggie is a “supposed” military contractor, Maggie LeClerc (@ME_LECLERC1776, @ME_LECLERC), with an awful amount of time to tweet and who feels President Barack Obama is a tyrant and is taking away her cushy, military contractor, high-pay lifestyle with more perks than corporate workers, INCLUDING DISCOUNTS. Poor her, to be in her shoes right now, geesh. I wouldn’t have one single complaint, so I have ZERO sympathy for her.

All of these persons supposedly represent the best interest of the military, speak on behalf of it with self-imposed authority, yet personally associate with ALL of the most vile tweeters on twitter and persons offline. They’re “affectionately” known as “right-wing nut jobs”. One is proud that he’s an extremist, it is actually his characteristic he is MOST proud of and his only characteristic. Another of their associates linked directly from @BostonMaggie’s blog defended the Hutaree militia group recently arrested.

Vile persons are embraced, befriended and consoled by them. The convenient excuse by @BostonMaggie who adores persons like @TPO_Hisself (publicly called Michelle Obama a whore and it was RT’d repeatedly) and @GregWHoward: it’s just free speech. Yet, the persons they associate with personally stalk and monitor persons who have different speech than their redundant anti-Obama rhetoric, and take personal delight and “patriotic” pride in hunting persons, including military, who are assumed liberal, Democrat, poor, pro-Obama, gay or anything they don’t accept as “their norm” and attack repeatedly and viciously to the joyful delight and watch of @BostonMaggie and Angelia Phillips, a military family representative.

How can I believe that the best interest of the poor, those on welfare in the military, gays, liberals, Democrats, muslims and non-blacks within military will be treated fairly when the above persons are full of hate and misguided rage towards them?

The first words out of their mouth to me as advice about extreme speech was to “direct” me to accept vile speech as “”just free speech” and to EMBRACE them, regardless of their ethics or lack thereof. Then, after not agreeing, the same point was “yelled” to me by Angelia Phillips like a child being “scolded” to do as she says and NOT question her flawed words. Sure, right after I embrace the Ku Klux Klan which speaks the same words as Angelia, @BostonMaggie with @GregWHoward and @TPO_Hisself and their “associates”, which is a classy way of saying “other degenerates”.

Angelia, Maggie LeClerc, @BostonMaggie and the majority of their “comrads” are dishonest, wouldn’t know a fact if it introduced itself with a note from Jesus, and are delusional and completely paranoid about pretty much EVERYTHING especially government yet cling to government for dear life. Their “logical” thought process is to “assume” and “accuse” first which is beyond dangerous and leads to conflict wherever their trail leads to. If you ask either of them what happened about ANYTHING, they’ll tell you their opinion and swear it was a fact, but never take the time to gather facts.

I prefer to “get to know” first, THEN make a judgment after I have obtained all the facts. Hearsay means nothing to me. And all of the above have certainly given me enough facts and evidence to backup this info.

Is this the process for other military members: to put up with nonsense like that just to do their job? Seems like an incredible waste of taxpayer dollars: playing personal games with lives of valuable defense resources. And it’s also unfortunate with all of the positive representations of military I know that I would see such an extreme and vile opposite group representing military in any capacity.

The consistent feedback I receive about @BostonMaggie and Angelia Phillips: unbending, uncompromising, raging and misguided. But persons have to somehow put up with their nonsense for military “cohesion”. Huh? Put up with uncompromising hatriots to get along with them?? In what world? You don’t bend to hate. You move around or leave hate where it’s standing with complete disapproval and if it’s gone when you come back, you’ll know you’ve made a difference instead of becoming a part of the problem.

Our military is NOT a whites-only, private, conservative, country club, but is a taxpayer funded defense organization. Persons should be able to do their jobs and the only concern of @BostonMaggie and Angelia Phillips should be that the best person(s) for the military job is obtained and not denied, blocked, harassed, ostracized and more because of THEIR personal beliefs which have nothing to do with our taxpayer funded military.

Seeing their negative playground behavior explains the high amount of racism, sexism and fear of others within the military. Truly sad. But somehow through their nonsense, rising DIVERSE stars are able to shine and remind you of all the biased crap they had to put up with to accomplish incredibly amazing tasks, especially Jose M. Hernandez, Dori Miller, the Tuskegee Airmen, certain women such as Harriet Tubman, who fought with our Union soldiers for this country and was buried with military honors, Dr. Mary E. Walker (more info…), and countless other persons who would be silenced easily by the likes of Angelia Phillips, @BostonMaggie, @GregWHoward, @TPO_Hisself and their friends if person(s) didn’t fall inline with their extremism.

Examples of direct associations of Angelia Phillips, Maggie LeClerc and @BostonMaggie. And these are just some of the unsolicited gems:

@KnottieNature and US Navy's @BostonMaggie's pal

@KnottieNature and US Navy’s @BostonMaggie’s pal | think after a bomb threat, you deserve ANYTHING I feel like telling you after that point. just sayin’. but apparently this threat was to make me bow down to Angelia, but it only confirmed she keeps extremely vile company. as to why their twitter account has been allowed to remain active after a clear violation of terms of service (reported three times) is a mystery.

@KnottieNature & US Navy @BostonMaggie's pal

@KnottieNature & US Navy @BostonMaggie’s pal |
what’s tragically funny is the assumption and advice that I should be taking mental health drugs while they’re sending terroristic bomb threats.

@JustPlainBill, friend of @KnottieNature and US Navy's @BostonMaggie, confirming bomb threat package

@JustPlainBill, friend of @KnottieNature and US Navy’s @BostonMaggie, confirming bomb threat package |

@JustPlainBill, friend of @KnottieNature and US Navy's @BostonMaggie - liberals and even assumed liberals are trash and they're ready to take up arms against their own citizens

@JustPlainBill, friend of @KnottieNature and US Navy’s @BostonMaggie – liberals and even assumed liberals are trash and they’re ready to take up arms against their own citizens |


#USNavy veteran and buddy of @KnottieNature and US Navy's @BostonMaggie who couldn't wait to call me a "nigga"

#USNavy veteran and buddy of @KnottieNature and US Navy’s @BostonMaggie who couldn’t wait to call me a “nigga”

another hatriot “treasure”: … 7257297763 – note his U.S. Navy tee worn in avatar pic. Classy representations of military, huh?

CFontenot wearing Navy tee while calling blacks "nigga" and other derogatory statements

CFontenot wearing Navy tee while calling blacks “nigga” and other derogatory statements

Cfontenot representing US Navy while calling blacks "nigga" and other derogatory terms

Cfontenot representing US Navy while calling blacks “nigga” and other derogatory terms

what actually inspired this blog posting: the unemployed, racist, anti-government, anti-poor, anti-gay, anti-liberal, anti-muslim, anti-non-whites, self-appointed leader of the “patriots” and Angelia’s go-to guy. but he loves his graphic porn pics just like Carl Paladino. in fact, I thought Carl Paladino was HIM. “@Dr_Rose” is well known around twitter as the most vile and disgusting clown. here are some of his priceless gems, and see others below:!/Dr_Rose/status/27311394840!/Dr_Rose/status/27311695832!/Dr_Rose/status/27311768188!/Pissingonurgoat/s … 7311918338!/Dr_Rose/status/27311972079 – but remember, he says I’m the “loon”, yet has “fixed” his “brilliant” mind to believe I’m in or have been in Los Angeles. um okay. please state that to others repeatedly!/Dr_Rose/status/27312252268!/Dr_Rose/status/27312080236!/Smith_W_6079/status/27312208091!/Smith_W_6079/status/27312028452

Scroll through pics and see more of their “patriotic” gems since July 2010: – click Next to view them all, yfrog account was activated just to capture their vile because of so many overshadowing positive photos on tweetphoto stream – click prev or next after viewing this one – Breitbart’s site on same day anti-Sherrod comments were RT’d by Angelia. Breitbart’s site is linked from Angelia’s blog, but yea we’re to believe she’ll be fair to poor, gay,non-white military w/ dishonest KKK in tow 24/7

Corrected link: – the “I’m in training” convo after their advice to embrace hatriots w/in and around military – love their extreme views or you can’t possibly love military. but “I’ve been doing this all my life?” so she stepped out of the womb directing others how to support military and she’s the only one with military family?? who friggin’ knew?!
did ya notice pro-Shirley Sherrod-racist comments RT’d by KnottieNature again, not their views, it’s the taxpayer funded aspect of it as well as thinking this is an acceptable tone for representing our diverse military. here’s their acknowledgment that they KNOW they’re blocked, but keep sending a new person & so on, and on (determined to attack me over my views, but want to tell you to accept their views as the holy word. try satan’s words, that’s more honest. this was the 1st unethical lie: pretense of “I don’t know”. as an official Navy rep, she EMBRACED them & they’re BFF’s for life – use Prev arrow, you’ll see political candidate Ilario Pantano rep’s bold lie and scam tweets w/ BostonMaggie: official Navy rep <<–start here

this 1: priceless, sent to mother of a soldier, yet harassing for KnottieNature: says my family and friends in military don’t count

here ’tis: when blocked and ignored, came to OTHER account to harass on behalf of KnottieNature:

account below, @ipoopontroops, has been suspended, but here’s the printout of their “patriotism”:!/IpoopOnTroops/status/27374413658!/IpoopOnTroops/status/27374378829!/IpoopOnTroops/status/27374294862!/IpoopOnTroops/status/27374214355 – defending his precious Angelia but seems to have forgotten how this started. it’s true, the memory of #teaparty folks is short

If Angelia Phillips wants to be personally revered because of her title alone (regardless of character or circumstances), then why doesn’t she show respect to the Commander In Chief, our President of the United States? Within 30 seconds of her “advice to accept hate” conversation, she couldn’t wait to bash President Barack Obama because she feels she has a right to say whatever she wants about him regardless of his title, while she and her goon-squad assume she should be respected for her title and will attack if you don’t respect her, her vile associations and misguided views.

Dr. Rose, a person who trolls twitter with a group called wrecking crew just to attack liberals playing victim

Dr. Rose, a person who trolls twitter with a group called wrecking crew just to attack liberals playing victim – I’m a freak show, and he’s gonna call me on it? yea, I suppose I could hang with his #wreckingcrew. but this comical insult *is a badge of honor*.

#tcot always plays victim AFTER dishing out so much venom. and notice he claims gold star mom attacked, the same one who pals around w/a bomb threater and spews racist venom on behalf of Breitbart

#tcot always plays victim AFTER dishing out so much venom. and notice he claims gold star mom attacked, the same one who pals around w/a bomb threater and spews racist venom on behalf of Breitbart – she (me) attacks Gold Star Moms? wow, notice the blown up, dramatized accusation and plural usage? now who’s the one who needs drugs again? but again, the memory of #teaparty folks is short, he doesn’t remember how we first met – his coming to attack me over NOT admiring one of his vile friends, NOT hating President Barack Obama, and stalking my page for months – see screen shots below.

@dr_rose advising someone to tell me to shut up since he couldn't quite accomplish this after his attacks

@dr_rose advising someone to tell me to shut up since he couldn’t quite accomplish this after his attacks – how’s about you just stay off my page??!! how’s about when one of the lurkers comes running to him like a bratty kid on a schoolyard playground, he simply counsels them, PRO-ACTIVELY, but DOESN’T go on a reactive rampage based upon hearsay info (our ONLY dialogs, EVER, otherwise, I wouldn’t know he exists).

this one was priceless given what he wakes up to do: troll twitter and attack liberals which he assumes is a positive thing

this one was priceless given what he wakes up to do: troll twitter and attack liberals which he assumes is a positive thing – read my stream to see negativity? um, only time it goes negative is when I’m forced to respond to him after his persistent attempts through others. but never again, I forgot my #1 rule: don’t waste time with trash, let the professional cleaners take care of – more examples of how persons not liked by them are hunted down, and playing victim after the #wreckingcrew throws out the “hatriotic” first stone. but notice the disturbing comments on the right side of page: are you ready to fight? fight who? self?? these clowns are worked around, not with.

and, of course, their response to this, like spoiled children: “she told my friend this”. um, would that be the friend, including Angelia, who provided me a vile, unsolicited comment and expected a sheepish response, from me, then sends the goon-squad to attack on her behalf?? *ethics*

it is no secret that I have zero respect for someone like Angelia Phillips, Andrew Breitbart or David Duke. I just didn’t expect to see that volume of extremism within our taxpayer funded military. extremists are persons I ignore but stay wise about especially in the event one is running for public office or working in a public, taxpayer funded position involving “helping others” and dispensing credible information. they are not people I want to seek acceptance from in any way possible.

15 Oct 8:50amEST
within an hour of making profile public again after notifying twitter of steps being taken on and offline, this was received by someone I don’t/wouldn’t follow, don’t remember ever seeing before, thus person was directed to profile by lurker given tweet was not new, thus wouldn’t have been in the general timeline to warrant a “just saw your tweet” response:

and here comes @swiftread to the rescue of @KnottieNature

and here comes @swiftread to the rescue of @KnottieNature

@Swiftread demonstrating his lack of comprehension as well as ignorance on behalf of @KnottieNature

@Swiftread demonstrating his lack of comprehension as well as ignorance on behalf of @KnottieNature – note the reading comprehension problem, he read this “misinformation treated as facts or the gospel of God” and interpreted it this way: & writes “Gospel Of God” is everything wrong in US. We’re NOT YOUR troopshe’s definitely a swift reader, missing the words in the process. this is why I think they’re social deviants, or had social problems during their military service – they only hear what they want to hear, then attack based upon failed listening and learning.

and no, he’s definitely NOT my troops, if he had any reading comprehension, he would have saw on the site: SITE WAS STARTED FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS THEN MADE PUBLIC. each twitter comment will be spam blocked, and logged as confirmation that the above is more than true and part of a vast problem.

I’m not tweeting for awhile, will sit back and let the misguided, misinformed and vile responses roll in, which certainly proves a point.

10/15 ~9pm – within 1 hour of starting up tweets after not tweeting for nearly 48hours, then notifying certain sources, the “patriot” attacks began:

NSold who created a list of persons to attack and hunt online. and of course, he hates liberals w/all its "christian" heart

NSold who created a list of persons to attack and hunt online. and of course, he hates liberals w/all its “christian” heart – note their background image: USMC logo, coffins of our fallen (can he identify the conservative soldier’s coffin, or the gay, latino, poor, muslim or any other person his precious #wreckingcrew wouldn’t like alive?)

his backup, just in case I didn’t see his @reply tweet because he was already blocked from previous misguided comments: – um, yes, that’s U.S. Military National Guard wife apparently, her husband “defends freedom” while she works tirelessly to block and harass the freedom of others who don’t support the #wreckingcrew or other vile Tim McVeigh representations of our military.

I have to now wonder about PTSD support and the high number of suicides with this type of military-related bullying. I’m staring at one side of the military which is humble, amazing and tolerant – the ones around me who caught my attention and gained immediate admiration long before it was “trendy” to support the troops, while looking at the other vile side of it which wants to claim complete ownership of our United States military.

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