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Our site’s founder attended a NYC special screening of “Not Invisible“, in 2012, via the National Organization for Woman-NYC. In attendance, were former female military commanders and legislators. Not in attendance: male military commanders.

We learned from this screening about the horrific rape and assault of US Coast Guard’s Kori Cioca, whose jaw was broken during her vicious attack, and whose career was shattered by discharge from military. Cioca was discharged without proper healthcare options to recover from her attack, an attack so savage, it altered her life and daily living, while her attacker continued to climb military ranks, treated as a respected commander.

We learned from this screening about a male US Navy service member, attacked and raped from behind, and never knowing who his attackers were, while still having to serve daily. We also learned how that assault haunted his life daily, to the point of PTSD, which also affected his marriage.

We also learned that many rapists were promoted and protected, while their victims were forced out of the military, either honorably, dishonorably (via adultery claims after being raped by married men), or discharged via medical reasons because of the brutal attack against them. Our site’s founder believes that the rapists should have been named, publicly, as silence is how corruption and terrorism is furthered upon others. If the victims’ careers were going to be ruined, while their attackers were excelled to higher ranks and higher pay, who had more to lose by disclosing their names and their violent acts upon others? Other lives are also saved by disclosing dangerous persons. However, the victims lived by a higher code of standards and ethics, than their own attackers.

Skip ahead to 2020. Vanessa Guillén is brutally murdered, after being sexually harassed ON THE JOB by someone else, her U.S. government-paying, military job, which is part of protecting us all from harm.

What was done from 2013 until 2020 to protect Vanessa or any military member?

Clearly NOT ENOUGH. On a military base, among so many ready to use weapons, mechanisms of defense and protections, commanders, and a strict adherence to a stringent codes of ethics (which cannot be misconstrued nor misinterpreted), Vanessa Guillén should have been as safe as a kitten or baby bear, surrounded by a bunch of nursing mothers, and with watchful, ready and waiting fathers all around the babies’ perimeters.

Instead, Vanessa Guillen, ON THE JOB, was hunted, preyed upon, harassed, slaughtered, then dismembered, as if she was not to exist at all, as if her career, voice nor life mattered.

As Tim Miller, the founder of EquuSearch stated, “we don’t even treat our enemies the way Vanessa was treated” (how she was brutally murdered, dismembered and discarded.

And hats off to U.S. Navy’s Tina Casanova, who also endured her own military sexual assault, but is using her voice and action to speak out on behalf of Vanessa Guillén and all victims of sexual assault in our military.

Tina Casanova’s 76-mile Run For Change:


Tina Casanova is doing more than all of those who served with and around Vanessa Guillen, as well as others who watched their fellow service members harmed within our military, and did nothing.

Since the inception of each military branch, its members have been internally harmed, harassed, targeted, denied, AND murdered, including while directly under flying flags with expressions such as “Don’t Tread On Me”, “This We’ll Defend”, “Semper Fidelis” (always faithful), “Semper Paratus” (always ready), “Semper Fortis” (always powerful/courageous), or “Aim High”.

Attacks within the military, against their own members, have to end immediately, else we’re no better than murderous enemies and vicious, sadistic dictators. Screening is clearly not available to prevent murderous psychopaths, such as Timothy McVeigh, Randy Kraft, Dean “The Candyman” Corll, Arthur Shawcross (who murdered and cannibalized while during his Vietnam War tour of duty), and others who served in the military. Or, maybe one of the questions that should be standard during security clearance and other general background checks, including prior to military service: did you target animals/pets as a child, to torture and/or dismember them?” That may be a good start to weed out void of emotion-psychopaths, harboring deep, dark and heinous secrets, all leading to serial predatory actions! 💡

“Keeping us safe”, “Big Brother” military appears to be EVERYWHERE, except where someone is targeting, harassing, assaulting (sexually or physically), or murdering their own military members at military bases or during tours of duty.

With that said…

🕯Rest in peace, Miss Vanessa Guillén. 🎗 💞 Thank you for your service, your heart and good will towards others. We’ve got your back and your voice from here. And we will make enough noise, to ensure that no one has to go through what you endured, ever again. Not on our watch.

US Army Vanessa Guillén

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