Under Savages’ Authority (USA)

How can straight savages with pimps, whores, frauds and cheats make anything great, or anything except wars for greed.

Mike Pence believes his “religious right to hate” laws, which he plans to establish nationally, is “doing God’s work” because he and other extremist ideologists like him believe USA is a “christian nation”, and should ONLY be run by Christians. Try Savage Nation, as in now Under Savages’ Authority, led by hypocritical savages, with the most savage leader possible, Donald “I just grab ’em by the pussy” Trump.

We ALL make mistakes! But it’s what a person does AFTER a mistake that separates humans from savages!

Here’s a breakdown of the Trump appointees, who are refusing to complete background check processes. Background checks will no doubt confirm their unethical, fraudulent, rapist/savage and murderous behavior, while ALL persons surrounding Trump are touted as role models that ALL should model after and adhere to.

Here is the standard background check that Trump appointees would fail miserably, thus why they’re refusing to submit to background checks:


127-page PDF background check form which is definitely worth a “looksee” as it requires financial disclosures, travel information and more:


This extensive background check certainly undermines 8-years of “Obama’s a secret Muslim, funded by George Soros” nonsense! And this background check verifies person(s) running country are who they SAY they are.

Trump will simply waive the background checks of his trusted savages after he’s sworn in.

Countless lives have been lost fighting against persons like Trump  appointees, while the following is being presented to America and world as a team to “Make America Great Again”, or create their own “do as I say, but don’t judge me for doing worse while harming you” society.

Trump’s #MAGA and #AmericaFirst “supporters” have consistently swept the following under a rug, thus what is the point of outrage at anything else, or BETTERING anything at this point?

Trump voters wearing matching “Fuck Your Feelings” t-shirt. They’re making it clear they are not concerned about Trump’s or their savage behavior or justified concern from others.

Proud pussy grabbing – Donald Trump’s own words: “I just grab ‘em by the pussy, I don’t even wait when I see a woman I’m attracted to”, which has been excused REPEATEDLY by his voters/supporters. Their excuse of Trump’s own words: it’s just liberal media and/or George Soros bias, so just ignore it as “NOT TRUE”, while victims exist globally, and Billy Bush was fired for something that “doesn’t exist” or “didn’t happen”.

Trump University. Trump established a fake university run by additional frauds and hustlers who were not even certified teachers and some were also convicted felons, who didn’t care who was harmed by their fraud. Even military veterans were victims of Trump University’s fraud, while numerous military members applaud Trump as their “great new leader”.




Trump’s prostitution businesses disguised as fake businesses in his tax returns (which includes prostituting UNDER-AGED children), thus one of the reasons Trump will not disclose his tax returns. An NYC TEEN sex escort worked for one of Trump’s fake prostitution biz’s which operated out of Trump Tower. Escorts helped close Trump business deals, either through blackmail or “happy endings”. Trump being the greedy, unethical person he is, then began to outsource his prostitution to small European countries and dismissed American sex workers on his team because of “risks” and costs. Teen girls outsourced from other countries were more controllable as well as disposable. Welcome to USA, Melania!

Trump raped a 13-year-old girl. Trump’s friend, Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of soliciting under aged girls, the same friend in attendance at location where Trump raped a 13-year-old girl, which is currently in litigation. This has been repeatedly swept under a rug by Trump voters/supporters because of their insane belief of “media bias”, while COURT records long before Trump entered POTUS race existed. Facts about Trump are also primarily dismissed because of their goal: creation of a fantasy world where 65-MILLION voting majority will follow their lead with frauds, rapists, domestic assaults, domestic terrorists (white nationalists, kkk) and outright outrageous persons on their team.

Me-Layin’-Ya’s illegal entrance into US as a sex sales person/porn star, but Melania has now been elevated as a “role model” for women and girls, while Trump supporters/voters froth and rage at every single word of Michelle Obama.

Yet, Michelle Obama is a woman with NO history of scandal, is a college graduate and community organizer who helps better lives of others around her. Meanwhile, Me-Layin’-Ya’s job has solely been arm candy for an impotent, enraged, imbecile, while having to seek her own satisfaction “elsewhere”.

“Sex sales person”, “marketer of sex” a/k/a porn star Melania Trump:

http://nypost.com/2016/08/01/melania-trumps-girl-on-girl-photos-from-racy-shoot-revealed/  <- which has been changed by Trump supporters to “celebrate her nudity” http://money.cnn.com/2016/07/31/media/donald-trump-melania-new-york-post/index.html AFTER raging for years over Michelle Obama’s bare arms:

Obama’s Choice to Bare Arms Causes Uproar

Michelle Obama’s Sleevegate: Why Can’t America Handle Her Bare Arms?

Michelle Obama’s bare arms stir controversy – SFGate

And remember when Fox News #MAGA #tcot #PJNet #Breitbart and other “white jesus hates you”-GOP-fake christians harped on “Obama’s mother’s nude pics”: https://www.bing.com/search?q=fox+news+obama%27s+mother+nude+pics&pc=MOZI&form=MOZSBR

Film claiming Obama’s mother once posed for pornographic…

Pussy Grabber also gets his news from this far-right, extremist “blogger”:  The Gateway Pundit.

Ignorant savage The Gateway Pundit bitching about “Obama’s mother’s nude pics”, while embracing an actual sex sales marketer, Me-Layin’-Ya.

Your Right to Know: More Racy Photos of Obama’s Mother…

Meanwhile, Me-Layin’-Ya, an actual sex sales marketer/worker, is being presented as a wholesome role model for women and girls by the christian right! What hypocrites!!

• Todd “legitimate rape” Akin-Mike Pence rape apologist, Kelly Anne Conway, who will always find a way to excuse HORRIFIC, degrading, unethical, abusive behavior of Trump team members or any GOP member. Kelly Anne Conway’s favorite expression to dismiss horrific, unethical, fraudulent, violent behavior of her pals: “let’s not talk about it anymore”, THEN deflect to bashing someone else, as her #1 goal: leave person she’s talking with, a negative impression of others, while white washing horrific behavior surrounding her. Her daughters must be proud that she represents so many rape apologists.

This is one of the reasons Mike Pence is fighting with kkk passion to seal his extremist voting record and email.

Mike Pence and his extremist, pro-KKK voting record as well as extremist emails, both of which Pence’s fighting with “kkk passion” to seal while establishing “religious right to hate” nationally. Pence’s past AND future goal is to protect hate crimes on behalf of his “admirers”, who call themselves “white nationalists” and “christians”, including his primary kkk fan base. Pence wants to use the bible as legislation, while Constitutionalists, who raged about Obama for over 8-years, are as quiet as a mouse peeing in cotton.

The only good thing I can say about Pence: Pence will forever be linked to frauds, murderers and whores, just like his idol and person he’s modeled his legislation and ideals after, Indiana kkk’s DC Stephenson.




“The Blacks” Trump wants to present to world as role models:

Petty thief & sex escort Katrina Pierson, who’s actually a spokesperson for Donald Trump, and how Trump believes black women should “elevate themselves to be more like”. Pierson keeps her mouth shut about Trump’s fraud and defends him 100% because she too is a fraud and con artist.



Savages supporter, Sarah Palin, endorsed Katrina Pierson as an ethical candidate: http://dailycaller.com/2014/02/19/palin-endorsed-candidate-katrina-pierson-was-arrested-for-shoplifting-in-97/



Omarosa, a money hungry, reality show failure and fake christian who brags of “making a list of enemies” to go after, after Pussy Grabber takes office. Christ would be so proud of her, given his words were “love your enemy”, while reminding his followers of fake prophets. Omarosa travels with other fake christian, grifting pastors: Mark Burns (who is anti-Semitic), Darrell Scott (sex circle friend of Omarosa) and others who are just as ignorant, unethical and savage.

But what sickens me MOST about Omarosa: the HYPOCRISY at how she’s embraced AFTER Sandra Bland was consistently described by the Pussy Grabber’s supporters as “too mouthy“, “didn’t know how to respect others thus deserved to die“, “didn’t know how to mind her tone, thus she got what she deserved” and “had no right to question why she was being pulled over“.

There were no apologies from Trump supporters embracing Omarosa after the officer who pulled Sandra Bland over was charged for lying, or after prison officials were disciplined and/or fired.

Now… here’s Omarosa in action, what is NOW embraced by Trump supporters as the way “the blacks” should be.

And this one is priceless: Omarosa claiming she has to be better because she’s black while mediocre is rewarded. Got Jared Kushner??

And here’s Omarosa, doing what she does best: playing the victim AFTER being predatory/savage, and ironically calling “The Apprentice” a racist show with racist practices.

And there are sooooooo many other examples of Omarosa being a “mouthy black bitch” while she was hated by SAME Trump supporters who now praise her as an example of how “the blacks” should be!

I also met someone who knows Omarosa. The consistent statement about Omarosa: she doesn’t care about anyone but herself and will use ANYONE to get what she wants. Money hungry, bitchy and READY to attack. Yea, that sounds like a christian, right??!! But she does know her place when it comes to kkk-golden child, Mike Pence.

Ben Carson. Culturally and historically ignorant. His own words are puzzling, baffling, and highly inaccurate. Carson should stick to what he knows best: surgery… oh wait, he was sued for malpractice at least EIGHT TIMES.



Okay, then maybe Carson should stick to what he really does best as a certified internalized racist: cater to hatriots to make sure they’re comfortable and cozy so that he’s “temporarily” accepted until he speaks his own words which suddenly make our domestic terrorists (white nationalists, kkk) uncomfortable with “the blacks” with free speech, free thought.

Kanye West. Really??!! First, Kanye yells, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”. Does he think Trump’s history of discrimination against blacks is a sign that Trump cares about black people? Or does he think the person who groomed and shaped Donald Trump’s ideals and lack of ethics, Fred Trump, cares about blacks? Or because Grab ’em By The Pussy surrounds himself with the most unethical blacks on earth who are used as props while Trump advances agenda of his BEST friends, white nationalists?

United States Files Suit Against Brooklyn Cooperative Apartment Building Trump Village For Fair Housing Act Violations

Fred Trump (Drumpf) arrested while protesting WITH, not against, kkk:



Don King killed someone over $$ and on a public street like a pure, savage thug but praised by Saint Trump Who Does No Wrong, while other blacks are called thugs for less or the same by Trump devotees such as Sheriff David Clarke and Wayne Dupree.



Jim Brown raped AND assaulted MULTIPLE women – black, white, etc. He’s an equal opportunity rapist, also excused by Kelly Anne Conway. But Brown is the role model for “the blacks”, as decided by Trump with a future Brown event being hosted by Trump. Jim Brown even threw a woman out a window to cover up an egregious-closeted sex act inside a sauna.





Then there’s Trump’s massive ignorance, fraud, conflicts and mediocre admin team of idiots, including white nationalists, who aren’t smart, but raged their way into “hearts of hatriots”.

Sickening hypocrisy surrounding Trump and his voters/supporters:

Michael Flynn intentionally gave classified information to “foreign military officers”, but Trump supporters ignore this AFTER drowning media with “Hillary’s emails” for years.




Flynn also frequented Russia as much as klansman David Duke, who is overjoyed at election of Donald Trump. David Duke calls Trump “the real deal”. Domestic terrorists kkk only praise their own, persons who embody their ideals and beliefs wholly.

David Duke has taken his crusade against Jews and non-Europeans to Russia, which he now sees as ‘the key to white survival’.


Jared Kushner, who defines mediocre, which ironically Omarosa detests. ‘Memba when Trump questioned AND took it upon himself to investigate how President Obama got into Harvard, THEN demanded to see Obama’s grades because Pussy Grabber didn’t think Obama, who graduated magna cum laude, was qualified enough for Harvard?




Kushner’s savage, sex scandal, felony convict father, Charles Kushner purchased Jared’s way into Harvard because Jared Kushner didn’t have the grades or aptitude to qualify for Harvard. Kushner will be a key player in “making America great” as Senior Advisor to Grab ’em By The Pussy. He’ll use his “C, D and lower grades genius” for that goal.






Has Trump even provided his OWN school records? NO! Savage Trump can’t even provide his tax returns or complete background checks to confirm he’s exactly who he claims to be.

Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon. A white nationalist, domestic assault creep who believes in destroying those who don’t follow his extremists ideals and beliefs. Not to mention, countless death and bomb threats from Breitbart team members to various journalists across the nation, as well as any individual deemed a “liberal disease”. “Liberalism is a disease” is a proud Breitbart phrase, and in their mind, Breitbart members are the answer for correcting and/or destroying what they deem “diseased”. One racist Breitbart member, Milo Yiannopoulos, has recently been elevated to someone worth adhering to with a book deal from Simon & Schuster Publishing.







Reince Priebus has spent the last 9-years flaming ignorance, racism and stupidity, then labeling it as “patriotism”. Priebus proudly helped cover up GOP lies and distractions, while paling with extremists. Priebus IS the ultimate aider and abetter to fraud and corruption for “whites only”. His resume includes interning at NAACP, however, it’s not uncommon for white supremacists to study internally what they hate most. Priebus IS a Jim Crow Benefactor who strongly believes in “whites only”, as seen by his extremist inner circle. Pussy Grabber-Trump and his sex sales worker wife are just the ultimate distraction for Priebus’ goals.

Scott Baio, a flaming racist whose own wife posted pics and addresses of person(s) she’d like her fans to target on behalf of her husband’s unethical, incendiary behavior. Scott Baio also thinks he’s a military strategist, BUT has never served in anyone’s military while applauding GOP cuts to military benefits.

And… the icing on the cake of savagery, ignorance and incompetence: anti-civil rights, anti-equality, pro-Jim Crow bigot, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, whom Trump wants to make “top cop” (Attorney General) to STOP “the blacks” from protesting for ANYTHING because in Jeff Sessions mind: blacks should not be seen and only heard speaking words Sessions and klan advise are appropriate.


Trump stated he’s the LAW AND ORDER candidate, and declared he’d treat protesters as they were done in the past, which was better in Trump’s appalling, savage mind.

Jeff Sessions will also be an ally for Pence while Pence establishes his right to hate nationally with criminalization of behavior Pence disapproves of because Pence believes he’s doing “God’s work”. WHO is Pence’s God? Trump or Sessions? And who is Jeff Sessions’ god? The God of Hate, Bigotry and Ignorance?? Because Pence is certainly not referring to even the god of his clutched error-translated bible. $20-bucks, Pence would wrongly explain the following which is why Omarosa is blindly following his “wooden cross” ideals.

Genesis 10:2 (Sons of Gomer) which GEOGRAPHICALLY (NE Europe/SW Asia, essentially Russia) contradicts the following:

Exodus 4:4-10 – turning of original skin color to flesh (you cannot turn flesh to flesh, this has no dramatic effect, while the final “sign” that led to freeing of Hebrews (ethnicity) was “dramatic”, clearly visible change from one darker color to another).

Numbers 12:1-10 – Moses’ Ethiopian wife, which is black all day long, no matter how you translate the words. One can translate words BUT not move the GEOGRAPHICAL, origin of Moses wife. Moses was also of Hebrew descent/ethnicity, which is not to be confused with an organized religion, Judaism. Else, Japan could easily be called Sweden, and Africa called Europe, DNA, features and all. But this is the ignorance and confusion of Pence that even us non-bible thumpers understand because of science (which GOP denies 24/7), discovering origin of standard bible used throughout USA, its translations and why, origin of letters, as well as geography and archeology.

Deuteronomy 28 – Pence and klan’s “clutched bible God”‘s message to “chosen”, “set aside”, which includes phrases such as “will become byword of all nations” (meaning least of others concern, most oppressed, cast aside), sent beyond rivers of Egypt (south and west) in bondage, to worship under persons FOREIGN, ALIEN UNKNOWN to God with wooden crosses, until ready to be called home, which will require and EXTREMELY massive act of nature and science.

The above religious doctrine is consistent in any bible, Torah and even Quran. However, no rabbi will ever explain Deuteronomy 28. The only answer will be: “why do you want to know?” or “it’s not called Deuteronomy in the Torah” to deflect from the same identical incidents described in the Torah.

Biblical information aside, after January 20, 2017, USA will officially be a non-christian nation of savages with a savage, unethical leader. There is no need to keep pretending, or for Trump team members to keep throwing around their bibles or even sitting in their “whites only” or “blacks only” churches any longer. There is also no need to pretend anything in constitution matters as selected CHURCHES approved of by Pence will be “the law” of states, instead of separation of church and state.

And helping to make all of this happen is apathy, which is now the norm given apathy towards everything that led up to this incident and thousands of other hate crimes led by “Trump enthusiasts”:

‘I Will Cut Your Throat!’ White Male Trump Supporter Threatens Off-Duty, Highly Decorated Muslim Cop, Son

The worst is yet to come.

Even this incident, https://www.facebook.com/realmarklutchman/photos/a.1257552777608397.1073741828.1257547134275628/1391767414186932/?type=3&theater,

will be forgotten in about 2-weeks, and for the next 4-years. Just as this incident was forgotten AND ignored by same Trump supporters screaming outrage over the above incident:

Savage incidents will be trivialized, like all of the Benghazi chants no longer heard as GOP proposes bills to strip embassy funding, even more than what was stripped before a perfectly politically-orchestrated Benghazi attack.



So… which side will you choose? Side with Trump savages and ignorance, or side with those who work tirelessly to make this country great by ensuring the freedoms, safety, liberty and protections of ALL, regardless of ethnicity, skin color, gender or religion?

Given bomb and death threats received from several Trump “inner circle” members, including Breitbart members, we will NOT be on the same side as Trump savages and ignorance.


Where Tireless Efforts Are Never Forgotten!

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Where Tireless Efforts Are Never Forgotten!


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