ClearedJobs.Net is a veteran owned company that was started by a Marine in early 2001. While the company provides overall job support services to professionals with security clearances, there is a place in each staff members’ heart to make a special effort whenever someone in the military needs extra support in writing a resume, interviewing or just getting started on the overall job search process as they consider transitioning or retirement.

Cleared Job Fairs
In addition to the security cleared job board, ClearedJobs.Net produces Cleared Job Fairs monthly in the Washington DC area. At each of the Cleared Job Fairs, we honor each member of the military with a ClearedJobs.Net t-shirt. Each season a new t-shirt is developed either short sleeve or long sleeve. We receive pictures of service men and women with their t-shirts each year during the “Where in the world do you wear your ClearedJobs.Net t-shirt?” contest.

Video Job Seeker Support
ClearedJobs.Net provides video resources to help all security cleared job seekers find a new opportunity from how to attend a job fair, writing a resume to what are some of the common mistakes in a job search.

Some of the videos are geared toward military personnel, while others are former military personnel talking about their transition and what they recommend:

What is General Dynamics IT Military Recruitment –

General Dynamics(former military) – Relocation –

GDIT (former military) – Differences between a large company and a small one –

GDIT (former military) Interviews –

GDIT (former military) Transition and Preparing for the Next Career –

GDIT (Former military) Transition –

ICES Recruiting Advice for Transitioning Military –

Northrop Grumman – Recruiters’ advice to job seekers about job fairs –

Military Spouse Appreciation Campaign
ClearedJobs.Net’s effort to publicly recognize military spouses on Military Spouse Appreciation Day, a yearly event held on the Friday before Mother’s Day, has since evolved from a one-day act of outreach into an ongoing effort well beyond May 8, 2009.

The objective behind the original military spouse outreach effort was to highlight the commitment and dedication of military spouses who often must endure months apart from their loved ones. Many such spouses stay behind here at home, keeping their families going as their husbands or wives serve overseas or at locations far from home. As the leading security cleared job board with a very active pool of military-to-civilian employment job seekers, ClearedJobs.Net believed recognizing the many sacrifices of military spouses was a worthy cause to engage in.

The original concept was to seek out military spouses on Twitter and, upon finding them, publicly recognize each one individually for their support and dedication to our military men and women. The security cleared job board also sought folks online wanting to make a personal dedication to a specific military spouse.

This positive outreach endeavor dedicated towards military spouses was executed exclusively by ClearedJobs.Net using social networking tools including:

* Twitter A new Twitter profile was created, @milspouseday, for this specific outreach effort. This Twitter profile was created separately of ClearedJobs.Net’s main Twitter feed @ClearedJobsNet.

* TwitPic A Twitter add-on photo sharing tool, TwitPic was used to upload the individual military spouse dedications. Once a photo was uploaded to TwitPic, the military spouse being honored or thanked would be automatically notified that a “tweet” or a message on Twitter has been posted about them.

* Flickr For added visibility and exposure, ClearedJobs.Net used its Flickr (photo sharing) account to post all the military spouse dedications along with a personalized note for each.

* LinkedIn ClearedJobs.Net used its own LinkedIn group, and its affiliation with other military-related groups on LinkedIn, to get the word out about this positive initiative.

* Facebook The security cleared job board additionally plugged many of the individual military spouse dedications on its own Facebook group page.

Feedback collected from folks online was that this military spouse outreach effort was too good to last just one day. As a result, ClearedJobs.Net has since decided to continue the military spouse appreciation effort well beyond its original one-day intention. Our military spouse appreciation effort is a small token of how much we value what these families often have to go through as a result of long overseas deployments or moving around from base to base. We are thankful for the spirit and dedication of military spouses and will continue to seek them out online and highlight as many as we can find.

MilSpouse Campaign: … 763686065/

Military Care Packages
ClearedJobs.Net has sent out care packages for the last three years to U.S. troops abroad based on requests that we get from our email lists, Facebook and Twitter. We carefully collect all requests year round and send out personalized care packages four times a year

The first care packages were to a young colonel who was a ClearedJobs.Net email list subscriber. “This colonel thanked us for helping him and his comrades,” says Smith. “He was on his third tour and we kept in touch. We didn’t hear from him for some time and began to think the worst. We later learned he had been injured and had been recovering at home. Eventually he was deployed again. We sent him a XXXL ClearedJobs.Net T-shirt to wear over his cast. Today, he is based in Germany and we send him a personalized package every quarter.

Late last year, more than 40 Christmas stockings were sent to women marines serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. This year’s first care package send off is being made in honor of Lance Corporal Jasmin Gagnon USMC, a ClearedJobs.Net staff member who was deployed to Afghanistan.

Care Package Photo Album:

Transition Assistance Classes
ClearedJobs.Net frequently attends TAP and ACAP classes throughout the mid-Atlantic area to answer questions about how to find a job especially with a security clearance. In addition to the transition classes, we also participate in many of the career events in the area at the local bases such as Quantico, Fort Meade and Fort Myer. We also realized that many of these classes and events are short on resources so we provides supplies including coffee for these events.

Military and Government Transition Seminar
ClearedJobs.Net developed in conjunction with the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) Northern Virginia chapter, the Military Government Transition seminar which is a quarterly event that brings former military and government individuals together to provide their insight to those considering transition or retirement.

Military Government Transition Seminar … 228260116/

Marine Corps Association Member
ClearedJobs.Net is a proud member of the Maine Corps Association and a founding member of the Marine Corps Foundation.

Ground Awards Dinner … 916038450/

Special Agent Oso
We also are a pet-friendly office and our Chief Security Officer is Special Agent Oso. Oso is the 12 year old rescue dog of the Chief Marketing Officer, Kathleen Smith. Special Agent Oso has his own Twitter page:

Special Agent Oso’s special interest is military working dogs who are currently serving or those who are retiring and looking for a new home. He is currently putting together a care package for puppies who are working in Iraq.

“Train of Pain” Bike Group
The core of the team is military members – all from two Special Operations groups: Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Naval Special Warfare (NSW or SEAL). The remaining members of the team are made up of old, broken former athletes that still want to belong to something like Carter Goodnough, ClearedJobs.Net Director of Sales.

The team has been around for about 10-years, and had it’s birth as a Masters Road and Track racing team, which competed throughout CA and AZ.

It transitioned to a more social club, with a little racing to justify the cool outfits, about 3-years ago. Currently, we have just over 70 members, primarily located in San Diego and Orange County, CA. Our membership really spans the country, with small numbers in Washington and Oregon, New York, Texas, Virginia and Florida. One of the benefits of the team’s Navy association is that we tend to travel from state to state – so like a good virus, we spread out.

Our Mission Statement, though never truly defined, is to develop a competitive atmosphere for aging athletes, while providing a positive and visible image to the public for Navy Special Operations, the Wounded Warrior Foundation, and our sponsors.

We have two major events that we sponsor. The first is the annual Train of Pain bike trip. Now in it’s third year. Added to our events this year, we will launch what is hoped to be an annual fundraising and awareness ride for the EOD Wounded Warrior Foundation. This first year, we will launch a 2-day trip from Pt Mugu Naval Air Station heading south to San Diego. Leveraging off our past years of organizing experience, our hope is to provide a safe, fun and challenging event for both active duty and civilian riders. They will be challenged to ride roughly a hundred miles a day while raising some money for an outstanding foundation that provides much needed financial support to our returning heroes and their families.

Where Tireless Efforts Are Never Forgotten!

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