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Women Military
Bad and Gorgeous!!!

Women Who Serve!!
Amazing SHEROES!
USAF All Female Flight Crew — Slide #35 is a POWERFUL image!!

via @FORSCOM: Army Colonels Share Common Bond as (Delta
Sigma Theta) Sorors.
Story begins on page 40. –

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No, you CANNOT relieve Lt. Col. J.P. “Willy” Wilson of his duties. So stop asking! 😉
Lt. Col. J.P. Wilson
A Great American Hero and Great American Beer!

A MUST READ book from an AMAZING Vietnam Veteran, Bruce Schindler, LaGrange Legacy! Available at! I told ya, they’re amazing!!!

How The U.S. Air Force Rolls! Nice, eh?
U.S. Air Force Race Car


West Point Cadet Joseph McKeever and an awesome West Point teacher, Lt. Col. Mark Smith
West Point Joseph McKeever and Lt. Col. Mark Smith


HOOAH!!! See U.S. Army PFC Dalton Sherratt At Work

And here he is at play:
US Army Dalton Sherratt
OKKKK, ladies, STAND BACK!!! He has work to do! Don’t make the Army stand guard with tanks just to keep you out. Geesh. At least send him a care package or a letter of thanks for all he’s sacrificing daily. And we don’t mean sacrificing his time with you. And thank his proud mom, Rebecca York, for making such a wonderful person that we can all be proud of!!! :o)

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Check out:
A Major’s Perspective
Sean Pillai


View Salute To Troops from Featuring videos, photos, greetings and more for and from military serving in the U.S. and abroad.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Army National Guardsmen and brothers, Evan, Jeff, Eric and Greg Pruett, all who served in Iraq together.
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