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Mesothelioma Guide

We are an advocacy organization dedicated to helping patients diagnosed with asbestos illnesses.

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer and very few treat it. 1/3 of all mesothelioma patients are veterans, and approximately 6,000 veterans afflicted with this asbestos-caused cancer died between 1999 and 2005 alone. The reason this cancer targets so many veterans is because of the prevalence of asbestos use in the military in the past. We specialize in connecting patients with doctors and treatment options that are best suited for them. Our services and resources are 100% free to patients and family members.

Mesothelioma Help Now

Our website was created to be a source of hope and empowerment to those affected by mesothelioma.

Our main focus is to provide accurate and helpful information, support and resources to patients and their loved one. We want to help them better understand their diagnosis, how to find treatment, and all options available to them.

Our team is here to help those affected by mesothelioma with compassion and care.
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Countless veterans are currently suffering from life-threatening illnesses that are a result of exposure to asbestos, a material that was commonly used in hundreds of military applications, products, and ships because of its resistance to fire. Veterans who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma even qualify for special benefits from the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs.

Our organization continually makes efforts to educate more about mesothelioma, cancer that’s caused by exposure to asbestos. From the 1930s to the early 1980s, hundreds of manufacturers produced asbestos-containing products and made billions in the process. Though these manufacturers knew asbestos could cause lung damage and cancer, they concealed the truth for decades to keep making money. Those who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma may be able to access trust funds. An estimated $30 Billion has been set aside for asbestos exposure victims.

Our site provides information on financial support options for mesothelioma victims that would be a great addition and benefit those who visit your site. Our pages are medically reviewed and verified by certified oncologists and hematologists, and provide the most current and detailed information about the asbestos industry and its health impacts. is a law firm with a long history of achieving results and representing clients from virtually every state in the Nation. Because of our passion for community involvement, we wanted to use our experience and gathered knowledge to create informational resources.

We recently wrote a guide on the many different ways discrimination can affect Veterans.

Many of us can agree that knowledge is power. This is something we’ve noticed when working with our Veteran community, and how simply learning about their experiences can provide a sense of comfort. For that reason, we created this guide for community members, who feel as though they’ve been discriminated against, and want to understand what discrimination can look like, what their rights are, as well as their options of defense.

In the guide,, we touch on different points such as:

  • Disabled Veteran Rights
  • Discrimination in the workplace, healthcare system, social setting, and legal settings
  • The laws protecting Veteran rights
  • What to do if you have experienced discrimination
  • Government resources
  • and much more.

Visit our site, for more information. Thank you.

Additional resources below. Please contact us to add your helpful resource information above. Thank you.


  1. Mesothelioma Guide

    Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer that is caused by asbestos particle exposure. A third of all mesothelioma patients are veterans due to the prevalence of asbestos use in the military in the past. Our goal at Mesothelioma Guide is to increase awareness and provide support to veterans with mesothelioma.


    Asbestos exposure, a known cause of mesothelioma, was unavoidable for millions of veterans, whether they were deployed overseas or working in the U.S. Up to 30 percent of all diagnosed mesothelioma cases are veterans. Our mission is to help educate all veterans on the dangers of asbestos exposure and to also help provide service members suffering from mesothelioma the most up-to-date and accurate information on treatments, clinical trials and other patient resources.

  3. Ian Hart

    My name is Ian Hart and I am senior outreach manager at I came across your website and I was thoroughly impressed. Each area is very well presented and I am looking forward to seeing more. As the outreach manager, it is my responsibility to contact people who I believe would be interested in our information to help raise awareness for Mesothelioma, a deadly cancer caused by asbestos that kills 3,000 Americans every year.

  4. Kayla Watson

    Mesothelioma Treatment Community – 19th Aug. 2016

    The Mesothelioma Treatment Community is dedicated to assisting those suffering from mesothelioma cancer by providing information on their diagnosis, life expectancy, and treatment options. We exist to guide mesothelioma patients and all whom are suffering from asbestos related cancers toward answers, care options, and free health solutions that will improve their lives and everyone around them.

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