USS Hue City, #FleetWeekNYC

USS Hue City is quite historic and significant, as it was named after one of the longest and deadliest battles of the Vietnam war. So it was and is a must visit. USS Hue City didn’t arrive with the start of Fleet Week NYC, but 2 days after the Parade of Ships.

And during our tour, we were coincidentally with Kayla Protopadakis, who was featured on PIX 11-NY in the morning.

USS Hue City was docked at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook area of Brooklyn, which is now even more easier to travel to via ferry service, as the location is now part of the regular ferry service stops. And the view from USS Hue City: the Statue of Liberty, which made the wait to tour ship worth the time.

Lines were very busy throughout the day, folks were patient, minus a few problems. But overall, worth a visit. 😊

USS Hue City, #FleetWeekNYC
USS Hue City docked at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal for Fleet Week NYC 2019
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