Dummies To Be In Jail Soon

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Dummies To Be In Jail Soon

Postby Guest » Fri, 3 Dec 2004 18:45:30

Kind time of day, boys.
I badly know English (I the Russian girl) or have common sense
but I work in London and I hope that you will understand me.
I the crash test dummy for all foreign and domestic vehicles, shall not hide... CUZ I WANT TO BE ARRESTED
But I was very much bothered with my work! I quite decent girl,
I am 23 years old, I'm featured on a site for Losers Of The Century (a profile " MarinaDumbAssOfTheYearAward."
I Shall be very glad, if there will be a dumb man and will write to me so that I can steal from them...
I know, you will find me! FOR ARREST

SLUTS BE GONE!!! but leaving this message, cuz I need original IP info for evidence, and so she gets a clue as she will be back. man what nuts, which brings me to my solution of PUT THEM ON THE FRONT LINE!!!

Postby RangerBob » Sat, 4 Dec 2004 01:47:38

Amazing... absolutely amazing - we've been spammed! By a Russian, no less. The irony? They've probably never heard of Spam - the pork by-product heaven in a can! :rofl:
If ya can't beat 'em - arrange to have 'em beaten...
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Postby tamra » Sun, 5 Dec 2004 18:23:29

yes and they're doing this to all forums anywhere, except mine, because they won't fuck with me, just users so that it gets back to me. they know I'll shut this shit down so quickly.

the other reason is to have their information indexed in search engines via a site that already is.

I've changed a couple of forums to validate their email before they can post.
one forum was a ministries/kids forum where they posted an ad for escort service, sex services, etc. some people just assume the internet is JUST FOR SEX and perverts. :roll:

but in this case, now have an IP address to match their other spams.
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