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Brian Alex Vaughn
Army Spc. Brian Alexander Vaughn

In Memory Of:
Marine Lance Cpl. Jason L. Dunham (22) of Scio, NY (laid to rest April 2004). He sacrificed himself by shielding his fellow men from a grenade attack. Our love & prayers will always be with his family and loved ones.
U.S. Navy commissions DDG109 in honor of Jason L. Dunam

Submitted by: Samantha Cheatham
Army Captain Christopher S. Cash (36) of Winterville, NC (killed in action 24 January 2004). He was mortally wounded when his Bradley Fighting Vehicle came under attack by Iraqi insurgents. He is survived by his sons, Christopher (14) and Matthew (12), and wife, Dawn Cash.

Marines Capt. Matthew W. Bancroft (29) of Redding, CA and Lance Cpl. Bryan P. Bertrand (23) of Coos Bay, OR.
Both died on Jan. 9, 2002 in Pakistan in a refueling tanker crash.

Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta (25) San Diego, CA was shot clearing a house in Falluja, Iraq on Nov. 15, 2004, moments later, a grenade was thrown into room. Sgt. Peralta saved other Marines by smothering the grenade.

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Additional Tributes featured on our blog

Remembering U.S. Army Cpl. Lorne E. Henry, Jr.

CPL Lorne E. Henry Jr. of Niagra Falls, NY was one of my Soldiers in South West Baghdad. He was always happy and could always be found looking from behind his big smile. On February 27th 2007, he was killed by an IED. He was a hard worker, never openly complained, had a big bright future ahead of him.

It has been three years now. That seems like a long time ago now, but your memory is still fresh, Thank you for your sacrifice. You certainly have made an impact on this conflict and in our hearts. Thank you for your optimism, your smile, your hard work, your selflessness. I miss you.

-Thundercat 16

In Loving Memory Of:
Army Spc. Brian Alexander Vaughn
Army Spc. Brian A Vaughn

Alex was 23 years old and a resident of Pell City, Alabama. He was part of 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division. Alex was killed in action on June 21, 2005 when his unit was attacked Army Spc. Brian A Vaughnwith small-arms fire during combat operations in Ramadi, Iraq. May his efforts and presence never be forgotten. Read Alex's journal sent to his family before he died.
Submitted by Alex's very proud and loving mother, Terry Savage

In Honor Of
Navy Master Chief Raymond Ronald Reeves
View a special tribute for Master Chief Reeves

I Am Coming
An open letter...

Local Fallen Heroes

Remembering local firefighters, police officers and civic leaders.

Check out one of the last river patrol boats scheduled to be shipped to Vietnam - www.PBR721.com. If you're in the Camden , NC area, you can view the boat while it's docked at Lamb's Marina, Rt. 158. The owner is a Navy vet and is part of the river patrol made famous by "Apocalypse Now", and his brother, Frank Ambruso, served a tour in Vietnam as a U.S. Marine and is featured on our "Favorite Vets" page.

Speaking of Vietnam, check out a site with historic images and information from the Vietnam War: www.vietnampix.com.

In loving memory of: Army Staff Sgt. James Pettaway Jr., of South Hampton, NY and Baltimore, Maryland who died October 3, 2004 after returning to his second tour in Iraq. He died from injuries from a motor vehicle accident. He is survived by his mother and father, and his son, Brandon. I had the pleasure of meeting up with James upon his return from his first tour in Iraq. He truly enjoyed life to its fullest. He was kind and decent, and very caring. And in the middle of all he had to do, made sure he stayed in touch with me to let me know he was okay and when he'd be arriving. WE ARE LOSING TOO MANY GOOD PEOPLE TO THIS CONFLICT! IT SURE AS HELL BETTER BE WORTH IT!!

In Loving Memory of
Navy Hospitalman Zachary M. Alday
View a special tribute for Zachary

Submitted by Kelly Kasun:
View a page dedicated to the loving memory of a great and honorable person she had the pleasure and privilege of knowing first hand -
Mr. Scott Helvenston (38), Blackwater Security Consultant & former Navy SEAL, of Oceanside, CA (killed in one of the Fallujah attacks). We all were honored to have him serve his country and pass his knowledge on to many in the entertainment industry.

Submitted by Renee Sisk:
Our hero MSgt. Brian Mack loved what he was doing for his country and loved his girls dearly! [He] Was my smiling happy go lucky friend.....he is missed by all who love him dearly.....love you "Mac" and carry you in our hearts always!

In Loving Memory Of: Army Chief Warrant Officer II Christopher Chabot Martin (31) of Denton/Grapevine, Texas. He was killed on July 11, 2005 while flying an Apache Longbow in Ft Hood Texas. Our love and prayers are with his family and loved ones.
Submitted by Susan Crosby

Our heart and love goes out to Army Sgt. James Kinlow of Thomson, Georgia and his family and loved ones. Read more on the humble yet giving life of an amazing person.

In Loving Memory of a Man Who Soared Above Many...
Retired Gen. William Childs Westmoreland
Mar 16, 1914 - July 18, 2005
Former commander of American troops in Vietnam, superintendent of West Point, and Army chief of staff.

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On July 12 1965, the first Marine wins Medal of Honor

Viet Cong ambush Company A of the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, led by U.S.M.C. Lt. Frank Reasoner of Kellogg, Idaho. The Marines had been on a sweep of a suspected Viet Cong area to deter any enemy activity aimed at the nearby airbase at Da Nang.

Reasoner and the five-man point team he was accompanying were cut off from the main body of the company. He ordered his men to lay down a base of fire and then, repeatedly exposing himself to enemy fire, killed two Viet Cong, single-handedly wiped out an enemy machine gun emplacement, and raced through enemy fire to rescue his injured radio operator. Trying to rally his men, Reasoner was hit by enemy machine gun fire and was killed instantly. For this action, Reasoner was nominated for America's highest award for valor. When Navy Secretary Paul H. Nitze presented the Medal of Honor to Reasoner's widow and son in ceremonies at the Pentagon on January 31, 1967, he spoke of Reasoner's willingness to die for his men: "Lieutenant Reasoner's complete disregard for his own welfare will long serve as an inspiring example to others." Lieutenant Reasoner was the first Marine to receive the Medal of Honor for action in Vietnam.

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