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Here are some of the individuals who paid the ultimate price for the benefit of others....

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Brian Alex Vaughn
Army Spc. Brian Alexander Vaughn

In Memory Of:
Marine Lance Cpl. Jason L. Dunham (22) of Scio, NY (laid to rest April 2004). He sacrificed himself by shielding his fellow men from a grenade attack. Our love & prayers will always be with his family and loved ones.
U.S. Navy commissions DDG109 in honor of Jason L. Dunam

Submitted by: Samantha Cheatham
Army Captain Christopher S. Cash (36) of Winterville, NC (killed in action 24 January 2004). He was mortally wounded when his Bradley Fighting Vehicle came under attack by Iraqi insurgents. He is survived by his sons, Christopher (14) and Matthew (12), and wife, Dawn Cash.

Marines Capt. Matthew W. Bancroft (29) of Redding, CA and Lance Cpl. Bryan P. Bertrand (23) of Coos Bay, OR.
Both died on Jan. 9, 2002 in Pakistan in a refueling tanker crash.

Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta (25) San Diego, CA was shot clearing a house in Falluja, Iraq on Nov. 15, 2004, moments later, a grenade was thrown into room. Sgt. Peralta saved other Marines by smothering the grenade.

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Miscellaneous pics of veterans & heroes.

Paralyzed Vets of America
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We Love Our Country,
Thru Thick and Thin,
We Love Our Country,
Which Makes Us Win...

We Love One Another,
Throughout Each Day,
We Love One Another,
In the American Way...

We Stand Together,
In Our Time Of Need,
We Stand Together,
When Our Hearts Grieve...

We're True Americans,
That's What We Are,
We're True Americans,
Whose Hearts Go Far...

Our Soldiers Stand Tall,
For What They Believe,
Our Soldiers Stand Tall,
So Everyone Can Be Free...

By Chris & Dutchess Taylor, 2004

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If you are looking for a name not shown here, here's a most current public list: cnn.com Iraq War Report.

Coalition Fallen Heroes Since 2003

We are no longer listing the cause of death for the names listed. However, the majority of these deaths are from improvised explosive devices. What matters is each person gave the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit of others, and their efforts should never be forgotten.

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Navy Chief Petty Officer Patrick L. Wade (38) - Key West, Florida
Danish Army Lance Cpl. Kim Wadim (36) - Viborg, Denmark
Marine Lance Cpl. Michael B. Wafford (20) - Spring, Texas
Army Sgt. Christopher A. Wagener (24) - Fairview Heights, Illinois
Army Pfc. Peter D. Wagler (18) - Partridge, Kansas
Army Staff Sgt. Gregory A. Wagner (35) - Mitchell, South Dakota
Army Staff Sgt. Terry D. Wagoner (28) - Piedmont, South Carolina
Army Sgt. Gregory L. Wahl (30) - Salisbury, North Carolina
Army Spc. Andrew K. Waits (23) - Waterford, Michigan
British Army Guardsman Anthony John Wakefield (24) - Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
Army Sgt. Dustin S. Wakeman (25) - Fort Worth, Texas
Army Pfc. Steven J. Walberg (18) - Paradise, California
Army Sgt. 1st Class Brett E. Walden (40) - Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Army Spc. Aaron J. Walker (23) - Harker Heights, Texas
Marine Staff Sgt. Allan K. Walker (28) - Lancaster, California
Army Sgt. Antwan L. Walker (22) - Tampa, Florida
Army Sgt. Jeffery C. Walker (33) - Havre de Grace, Maryland
Marine Lance Cpl. Jeffrey D. Walker (21) - Macon, Georgia
Army Spc. Kristofer C. Walker (20) - Creve Coeur, Illinois
Army Spc. Ryan D. Walker (25) - Stayton, Oregon
Army Spc. Zandra T. Walker (28) - Greenville, South Carolina
Army 1st Lt. Frank B. Walkup, IV (23) - Woodbury, Tennessee
British Army MP Warrant Officer Colin Wall (34) - County Durham, England
Army Staff Sgt. Mark A. Wall (27) - Alden, Iowa
Army Sgt. Andrew P. Wallace (25) - Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Army Sgt. Brandon L. Wallace (27) - St. Louis, Missouri
Army Pfc. Jeffrey R. Wallace (20) - Hoopeston, Illinois
Army Cpl. Matthew P. Wallace (22) - Lexington Park, Maryland
Army Sgt. 1st Class Terry O.P. Wallace (33) - Winnsboro, Louisiana
Marine Cpl. Richard P. Waller (22) - Fort Worth, Texas
Army Master Sgt. Thomas A. Wallsmith (38) - Carthage, Missouri
Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Christopher G. Walsh (30) - St. Louis, Missouri
Marine Sgt. Justin T. Walsh (24) - Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Marine Sgt. Nicholas R. Walsh (27) - Millstadt, Illinois
Army Pfc. Rowan D. Walter (25) - Winnetka, California
Army Sgt. Donald R. Walters (33) - Kansas City, Missouri - Walters was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his actions. In May 2004, the U.S. military changed his official status from Killed in Action to Prisoner of War-Murdered after an investigation found that he was captured and later killed by his unknown captors.
Army Spc. Gary W. Walters Jr. (31) - Victoria, Texas
Army Pvt. Brett A. Walton (37) - Hillsboro, Oregon
Army Pfc. Andrew M. Ward (25) - Kirkland, Washington
Royal Marine Maj. Jason George Ward (34) - Torquay, Devon, England
Army Pvt. Jason M. Ward (25) - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Army Cpl. William T. Warford III (24) - Temple, Texas
Marine Cpl. Christopher T. Warndorf (21) - Burlington, Kentucky
Air Force Airman 1st Class Carl Jerome Ware Jr. (22) - Smyrna, Delaware
Marine Cpl. Joshua J. Ware (20) - Apache, Oklahoma
Marine Pvt. Heath D. Warner (19) - Canton, Ohio
Marine Lance Cpl. Richard Warner (22) - Waukesha, Wisconsin
Marine Cpl. Robert P. Warns II (23) - Waukesha, Wisconsin
Army Sgt. 1st Class Charles H. Warren (36) - Duluth, Georgia
Marine Lance Cpl. Kristopher C. Warren (19) - Resaca, Georgia
Army Sgt. 1st Class Mark C. Warren (44) - La Grande, Oregon
Army 1st Sgt. William T. Warren (48) - North Little Rock, Arkansas
Marine Lance Cpl. Kevin G. Waruinge (22) - Tampa, Florida
Marine Pfc. Nachez Washalanta (21) - Bryan, Oklahoma
Marine Cpl. Rusty L. Washam (21) - Huntsville, Tennessee
Army Sgt. Bennie J. Washington (25) - Atlanta, Georgia
Polish Army Pfc. Gerard Wasielewski (20) - Szczecin, PolandPOLAND
Marine Lance Cpl. Christopher B. Wasser (21) - Ottawa, Kansas
Army Spc. Forrest J. Waterbury (25) - Richmond, Texas
Army Pvt. David L. Waters (19) - Auburn, California
Marine Staff Sgt. Kendall Damon Waters-Bey (29) Baltimore, Maryland
Marine Cpl. Glenn J. Watkins (42) - Carlsbad, California
Marine Cpl. Joshua C. Watkins (25) - Jacksonville, Florida
Army Spc. Timothy D. Watkins (24) - San Bernardino, California
Air Force Maj. William R. Watkins III (37) - Danville, Virginia
Marine Lance Cpl. Cody G. Watson (21) - Oxford, Alabama
Marine Lance Cpl. Craig N. Watson (21) - Union City, Michigan
Army Spc. David L. Watson (29) - Newport, Arkansas
Army Sgt. Kimel L. Watt (21) - Brooklyn, New York
Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Christopher E. Watts (28) - Knoxville, Tennessee
Army Command Sgt. Maj. Donovan E. Watts (46) - Atlanta, Georgia
Marine Cpl. Justin J. Watts (20) - Crownsville, Maryland
Army Chief Warrant Officer Aaron A. Weaver (32) - Inverness, Florida
Marine Cpl. Christopher L. Weaver (24) - Fredericksburg, Virginia
Army Staff Sgt. Shannon V. Weaver (28) - Urich, Missouri
Marine Lance Cpl. Brandon J. Webb (20) - Swartz Creek, Michigan
Army Sgt. Charles J. Webb (22) - Hamilton, Ohio
Army Staff Sgt. Christopher R. Webb (28) - Winchester, California
Army Sgt. Matthew A. Webber (23) - Kalamazoo, Michigan
Army Spc. Robert F. Weber (22) - Cincinnati, Ohio
Army Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jamie D. Weeks (47) - Daleville, Alabama
Army Spc. Michael S. Weger (30) - Rochester, New York
Army Staff Sgt. Kyle B. Wehrly (28) - Galesburg, Illinois
Army Sgt. Michael R. Weidemann (23) - Newport, Rhode Island
Army Staff Sgt. Joseph M. Weiglein (31) - Audubon, New Jersey
Army Capt. Ian P. Weikel (31) - Colorado
Marine Cpl. David G. Weimortz (28) - Irmo, South Carolina
Air Force Tech. Sgt. Timothy R. Weiner (35) - Tamarac, Florida
Army Sgt. David T. Weir (23) - Cleveland, Tennessee
Staff Sgt. David J. Weisenburg (26) - Portland, Oregon
Army Spc. Douglas J. Weismantle (28) - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Army Spc. Andrew R. Weiss (28) - Lafayette, Indiana
Army Pfc. Michael Russell Creighton Weldon (20) - Conyers, Georgia
Marine Lance Cpl. Joseph T. Welke (20) - Rapid City, South Dakota
Marine Warrant Officer Charles G. Wells Jr. (32) - Montgomery, Alabama
Marine Lance Cpl. Larry L. Wells (22) - Mount Hermon, Louisiana
Marine Sgt. Lonny D. Wells (29) - Vandergrift, Pennsylvania
Army Chief Warrant Officer Stephen M. Wells (29) - North Egremont, Massachusetts
Army Spc. Michael J. Wendling (20) - Mayville, Wisconsin
Army Spc. Lee A. Wiegand (20) - Hallstead, Pennsylvania
Army Sgt. Brad A. Wentz (21) - Gladwin, Michigan
Army Spc. Cody L. Wentz (21) - Williston, North Dakota
Army Pvt. Raymond M. Werner (21) - Boise, Idaho
Army Spc. Jeffrey M. Wershow (22) - Gainesville, Florida
Army Spc. Christopher J. Rivera Wesley (26) - Portland, Oregon
Army Pfc. Kevin S. K. Wessel (20) - Newport, Oregon
Marine Spc. Bobby R. West (23) - Beebe, Arkansas
Army Spc. Christopher J. West (26) - Arlington, Texas
Army Sgt. James G. West (34) - Watertown, New York
Army Capt. Jason M. West (28) - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Marine Lance Cpl. Jeromy D. West (20) - Aguanga, California
Army 1st Lt. Kile G. West (23) - Pasadena, Texas
Royal Navy Lt. Philip West (32) - Budock Water, Cornwall, England
Marine Lance Cpl. Phillip G. West (19) - American Canyon, California
Army Master Sgt. Robert H. West (37) - Elyria, Ohio
Army Pfc. Theodore M. West (23) - Richmond, Kentucky
Army Sgt. Marshall A. Westbrook (43) - Farmington, New Mexico
Army Col. Theodore S. Westhusing (44) - Dallas, Texas
Marine 1st Lt. Alexander E. Wetherbee (27) - Fairfax, Virginia
Army Spc. Donald L. Wheeler (22) - Concord, Michigan
Army Sgt. 1st Class Dexter E. Wheelous (37) - Winder, Georgia
Army Sgt. Mason Douglas Whetstone (30) - Daytona, Florida
Army Staff Sgt. Jerald A. Whisenhunt (32) - Orrick, Missouri
Army Pfc. Marquis A. Whitaker (20) - Columbus, Georgia
Marine Staff Sgt. Aaron Dean White (27) - Shawnee, Oklahoma
Army Pfc. Anthony J. White (21) - Columbia, South Carolina
Marine Pfc. Christopher N. White (23) - Southport, North Carolina
Army Staff Sgt. Delmar White (37) - Wallins, Kentucky
Army Pvt. Dewayne L. White (27) - Country Club Hills, Illinois
Army Spc. Doonewey White (26) - Milpitas, California
Army Sgt. Lucas T. White (28) - Moses Lake, Washington
Navy Lt. Nathan D. White (30) - Mesa, Arizona
Army Spc. Raymond L. White (22) - Elwood, Indiana
Army Sgt. 1st Class Stephen J. White (39) - Talladega, Alabama
Army Sgt. Steven W. White (29) - Lawton, Oklahoma
Marine Lance Cpl. William W. White (24) - Brooklyn, New York
Marine Staff Sgt. Jason D. Whitehouse (27) - Phoenix, Arizona
Army Pfc. Joey D. Whitener (19) - Nebo, North Carolina
Army Staff Sgt. Justin R. Whiting (27) - Hancock, New York
Marine Lance Cpl. Dion M. Whitley (21) - Los Angeles, California
Army Spc. Chase R. Whitman (21) - Harrisburg, Oregon
Marine Lance Cpl. Nicholas J. Whyte (21) - Brooklyn, New York
Marine Lance Cpl. Travis M. Wichlacz (22) - West Bend, Wisconsin
Army Spc. Vernon R. Widner (34) - Redlands, California
Air Force Staff Sgt. David A. Wieger (28) - North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Jeffery L. Wiener (32) - Louisville, Kentucky
Army Cpl. Kory D. Wiens (20) - Independence, Oregon
Army Spc. Michael J. Wiesemann (20) - North Judson, Indiana
Army Staff Sgt. Michael J. Wiggins (26) - Cleveland, Ohio
Marine Lance Cpl. William Brett Wightman (22) - Sabina, Ohio
Marine Cpl. Joshua S. Wilfong (22) - Walker, West Virginia
Army Sgt. Charles T. Wilkerson (30) - Kansas City, Missouri
Army Pfc. David A. Wilkey Jr. (22) - Elkhart, Indiana
Army Pfc. Eric R. Wilkus (20) - Hamilton, New Jersey
Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class (AW) Christopher M. Will (29) - Warren, Michigan
Marine Capt. Bryan D. Willard (33) - Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
Army Sgt. Gary D. Willett (34) - Alamogordo, New Mexico
Army Spc. Cheyenne C. Willey (36) - Fremont, California
Marine Cpl. Andre L. Williams (23) - Galloway, Ohio
Army Sgt. Arthur C. Williams IV (31) - Edgewater, Florida
Marine Staff Sgt. Benjamin D. Williams (30) - Orange, Texas
Marine Sgt. Christian B. Williams (27) - Winter Haven, Florida
Navy Sgt. Clint E. Williams (32) - Aberdeen, Maryland
Royal Air Force Cpl. David Edward Williams (37) - RAF Lyneham, Wiltshire, England
Royal Air Force Flight Lt. David Rhys Williams (37) - Crickhowell, Powys, England
Army 1st Lt. Derwin Williams (41) - Glenwood, Illinois
Marine Staff Sgt. Dwayne E. Williams (28) - Baltimore, Maryland
Army Sgt. Eugene Williams (24) - Highland, New York
Royal Navy Lt. James Williams (28) - Winchester, Hampshire/Falmouth, England
Army Spc. Jeffrey A. Williams (20) - Warrenville, Illinois
Army Staff Sgt. Jesse L. Williams (25) - Santa Rosa, California
Army Spc. Luke C. Williams (35) - Knoxville, Tennessee
Marine Lance Cpl. Michael J. Williams (31) - Yuma, Arizona
Marine Lance Cpl. Michael J. Williams (31) - Phoenix, Arizona
Army Pfc. Phillip B. Williams (21) - Gardnerville, Nevada
Army Spc. Ronnie D. Williams (26) - Erlanger, Kentucky
Army Sgt. Taft V. Williams (29) - New Orleans, Louisiana
Army Pvt. Wesley J. Williams (23) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Army Spc. Tracy C. Willis (21) - Marshall, Texas
Army 1st Lt. Charles L. Wilkins III (38) - Columbus, Ohio
Army Sgt. 1st Class Christopher R. Willoughby (29) - Phenix City, Alabama
Royal Navy Lt. Andrew S. Wilson (36) - Exeter, Devon, England
Marine Cpl. Bryan S. Wilson (22) - Otterbein, Indiana
Army Spc. Dana N. Wilson (26) - Fountain, Colorado
British Army Kingsman Danny John Wilson (28) - Cumbria, Workington, England
Army Staff Sgt. Jamie D. Wilson (34) - San Diego, California
Army Command Sgt. Maj. Jerry L. Wilson (45) - Thomson, Georgia
Army Staff Sgt. Joe N. Wilson (30) - Crystal Springs, Mississippi
Marine Lance Cpl. Lamont N. Wilson (20) - Lawton, Oklahoma
Army Sgt. Lee C. Wilson (30) - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Army Pfc. Le Ron A. Wilson (18) - Queens, New York
Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Nicholas Wilson (25) - Newark Valley, New York
Army Spc. Nicholas E. Wilson (21) - Glendale, Arizona
Army Staff Sgt. Robert J. Wilson (28) - Boynton Beach, Florida
British Army Cpl. Rodney Wilson (30) - England
Marine Staff Sgt. Stephen J. Wilson (28) - Duluth, Georgia
Marine Lance Cpl. Nicholas Wilt (23) - Tampa, Florida
Army Spc. Thomas J. Wilwerth (21) - Mastic, New York
Marine Sgt. David N. Wimberg (24) - Louisville, Kentucky
Marine Cpl. Christopher D. Winchester (23) - Flomaton, Alabama
Marine 1st Lt. Ronald Winchester (25) - Rockville Center, Long Island, New York
Army Sgt. 1st Class Nathan L. Winder (32) - Blanding, Utah
British Army Rifleman Vincent Calvin Windsor (23) - Oxfordshire, England
Marine Lance Cpl. Nathanial D. Windsor (20) - Scappoose, Oregon
Army Spc. Trevor A. Wine (22) - Orange, California
Army Spc. Daniel W. Winegeart (23) - Kountze, Texas
Army Pfc. Harry A. Winkler III (32) - Clarksville, Tennessee
Marine Lance Cpl. Jordan D. Winkler (19) - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Marine Pfc. Ryan G. Winslow (19) - Jefferson, Alabama
Army Cpl. Jonathan D. Winterbottom (21) - Falls Church, Virginia
Marine Lance Cpl. William J. Wiscowiche (20) - Victorville, California
Army Staff Sgt. Clinton L. Wisdom (39) - Atchison, Kansas
Army Spc. Robert A. Wise (21) - Tallahassee, Florida
Army Sgt. Justin D. Wisniewski (22) - Standish, Michigan
Army Spc. Donovan D. Witham (20) - Malvern, Arkansas
Army Sgt. James Witkowski (32) - Surprise, Arizona
Army Spc. Michelle M. Witmer (20) - New Berlin, Wisconsin
Army Spc. Owen D. Witt (20) - Sand Springs, Montana
Army Staff Sgt. Kevin M. Witte (27) - Beardsley, Minnesota
Marine Pfc. Brett A. Witteveen (20) - Shelby, Michigan
Army Staff Sgt. Zachary R. Wobler (24) - Ottawa, Ohio
Army Spc. James R. Wolf (21) - Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Marine Lance Cpl. Colin J. Wolfe (18) - Manassas, Virginia
Army 2nd Lt. Jeremy L. Wolfe (27) - Menomonie, Wisconsin
Army Sgt. Elijah Tai Wah Wong (42) - Mesa, Arizona
Army Sgt. Brian M. Wood (21) - Torrance, California
Army Capt. George A. Wood (33) - New York, New York
Army Spc. John E. Wood (37) - Humboldt, Kansas
Marine Lance Cpl. Nathan R. Wood (19) - Kirkland, Washington
Army Sgt. 1st Class Ronald T. Wood (28) - Cedar City, Utah
Army Sgt. Ryan M. Wood (22) - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Army Col. William Wood (44) - Panama City, Florida
Marine Cpl. Julian M. Woodall (21) - Tallahassee, Florida
Marine Sgt. Peter Woodall (25) - Sarasota, Florida
Army Sgt. Daniel E. Woodcock (25) - Glennallen, Alaska
Army Spc. Michael R. Woodliff (22) - Port Charlotte, Florida
Army Pfc. Eric P. Woods (26) - Omaha, Nebraska
Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Julian Woods (22) - Jacksonville, Florida
Army Spc. Shane W. Woods (23) - Palmer, Alaska
Army Cpl. Ryan A. Woodward (22) - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Army Pfc. Curtis L. Wooten III (20) - Spanaway, Washington
Army Spc. Dustin L. Workman II (19) - Greenwood, Nebraska
Army Maj. Matthew W. Worrel (34) - Lewisville, Texas
Army Pfc. Robert A. Worthington (19) - Jackson, Georgia
Army Sgt. James M. Wosika Jr. (24) - St. Paul, Minnesota
Army Lt. Col. Thomas A. Wren (44) - Lorton, Virginia
Army Spc. Brian A. Wright (19) - Keensburg, Illinois
Army Sgt. Gregory A. Wright (28) - Boston, Massachusetts
Army Spc. James C. Wright (27) - Morgan, Texas
Army Pfc. Jason G. Wright (19) - Luzerne, Michigan
British Army Gunner Stephen Robert Wright (20) - Leyland, Lancashire, England
Army Sgt. Thomas G. Wright (38) - Holly, Michigan
Marine 2nd Lt. John T. Wroblewski - Jefferson Township, New Jersey
Army 1st Lt. Luke C. Wullenwaber (24) - Lewiston, Idaho
Marine Lance Cpl. Daniel R. Wyatt (22) - Calendonia, Wisconsin
Marine Cpl. Matthew A. Wyatt (21) - Millstadt, Illinois
Army Pfc. Stephen E. Wyatt (19) - Kilgore, Texas
British Army Pvt. Johnathon Dany Wysoczan (21) - Biddulph, Staffs & Stoke-on-Trent, England

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