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If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything. -Mark Twain
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My Special Tribute To The Tuskegee Airmen

Reubin Perry

Navy Master Chief Walter Evans
My cousin. Did I not say the great ones are all around ya?

NYPD Commissioner & Vietnam Veteran Raymond Kelly

Frank Ambruso

Dennis Ambruso

Navy Master Chief Raymond Ronald Reeves

U.S. Air Force Vietnam Veteran Larry Nicosia

U.S. Army David Christian - an ultimate example of hero, strength and dignity!

• A MUST READ book from an AMAZING Vietnam Veteran, Bruce Schindler, LaGrange Legacy! Available at Amazon.com! I told ya, they're amazing!!!

Navy Lt. Dieter Dengler A truly amazing story of two survivals: perils of Germany/WWII & POW in Vietnam War. To survive it all and HOW is beyond amazing. Also check out new book, "Hero Found" by Bruce Henderson, written as told to him directly by Dieter Dengler.

And remembering U.S. Marines Staff Sgt. Allen Ambruso and PFC Richard Edward Broadhurst. Best friends, from childhood to Vietnam. R.I.P. Never Forgotten.

USMC Allan Ambruso Vietnam | USMC Allan Ambruso Vietnam | USMC Allan Ambruso Vietnam
USMC Allan Ambruso, 63-67, Vietnam 1965 - small arms armorer with Hawk missile battery in Da nang, then second tour in 66/67 with 3rd Battalion, 12th Marines, Da Nang, finished his tour with 3rd Tank Battalion. Passed away in 1995 at age 49.

Here's one reason why they're favorites and amazing:

Cris “Doc” (Navy Hospital Corpsmen) Valdez's reunion with his old infantry unit Kilo Co 3rd Battalion, Seventh Marines last year (2010). He was in the bush for 5-months on Hill 41 in the Arizona territory, a hotly contested infiltration route for the NVA in Quang Nam Provence - Vietnam

Frank Ambruso
One of my all-time favorite Vietnam War Veterans

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FDA Boot Camp
All dressed up and ready for war.
FDA War Face
Frank with his war face on during his tour in Vietnam (1969-1970). Notice the signature rock band poster behind him. The music of that era was also influential for many vets.
FDA Nam 69
On the road again....
FDA Boot Camp
...in Nam 69.
This Is My Rifle
My Rifle
Frank served one tour during the Vietnam War from January 1969 to January 1970 as a U.S. Marine. He hails from the Connecticut area and now lives in the Bay Area in California. He's been married to the same beautiful and wonderful woman for over 25 years and has two good-looking sons. After the war, Frank became involved in hardware engineering and was a major contributor to the excellence of hardware standards for the Palm Computing 2.0 and 3.0 products. He's an all-around great guy with a tremendous amount of integrity. Probably one of the reasons why Marines and Navy SEALs will always be my favorites. And single ladies out there, one of his good-looking sons is single. He's in his 20's, but you ladies over 30 can always do that "Mrs. Robinson" thang! Hey, what's your son's take on "bigamy" (just trying to pay these high NYC rents!)? Well, don't answer now, get back to me later... UPDATE: Both of his sons are "off the market". Told ya, ladies, stuff like that doesn't last long! :o)

As part of a vacation, Frank recently returned to the same areas fought in while in Vietnam. I asked him "What was the most interesting thing you saw when you returned back?":


People were very friendly and a lot of them spoke english.

Lots of western clothes, shorts, sandals, baseball caps, and T-shirts.

Better housing (grass huts are now stucco or tin out on the frontier).

Old soldiers and workers for allies are not allowed to work for city/government.

Free enterprise is alive and well.

Young people aged 14-23 don't know war, and don't want war, just western thoughts and prosperity.

Communism may rule Vietnam, but acceptance of the ideology is dead!

Ron Kovic speaks...and he's more than earned the right to do so. Semper Fi!

First Sioux Receives Congressional Medal of Honor.


Coming in the future (God willing:):
Tributes to Lt. General Frank Peterson, U.S. Marine, and Iraq War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy.

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More Interesting Vietnam War Information:
Contains a variety of historic images

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